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Giancarlo PIRETTI (1940-…)
Edition Castelli. Suite de 6 chaises, modèle 106 dessiné en 1967. Assise et dossier en contreplaqué moulé, piètement quadripode tubulaire, gainé avec sabots. Plus édité.
Couleur miel clair 

H : 77 cm ; H d’assise : 48 cm ; L : 56 cm ; P : 48 cm

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Set of Six Mid-Century Modern Chairs by Giancarlo Piretti, Italy, 1970s.

Set of six chairs by Giancarlo Piretti, Model Nr 106 designed in 1967, Italy, Castelli edition. This model is no longer manufactured. Chair back and chair seat made of thermoformed/molded plywood. Veneer has been restored, Very nice light honey color. Legs and frame made of steel and aluminium. These chairs are very comfortable and can be stacked. Another set of six identical chairs is available with a slightly darker veneer.

Measures: H 77 cm; Seating H 48 cm; L 56 cm; P 48 cm.