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Lampe de type architecte noire conçue par Curt Fischer

Editée par Midgard

Vers 1923-1925

Lampe emblématique du Bauhaus car utilisée dans les ateliers et appartements des  professeurs et du directeur de l’Ecole, W.Gropius.

H : 72 cm ; L : 65 cm ; P : 16 cm

Bauhaus Midgard Task Light by Curt Fischer, circa 1923-1925.

The Midgard task light has been designed by Curt Fischer circa 1923-1925. It is an iconic lamp as this model has been used by Ise and Walter Gropius (Bauhaus director) in the living room of their Master’s house at the Dessau Bauhaus. It was part of the standard furniture and fittings at the Weimar Bauhaus (master’s flats and workshops). It can be adjusted to almost any angle. This piece is in excellent condition and very rare. The exact same model is reproduced in the ‘1000 Lights’ reference book, page 131. 

Wired for European use.

Dimensions : 
H : 28.35 in. ; W : 25.59 in. ; D : 6.3 in.
H : 72 cm ; W : 65 cm ; D : 16 cm