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« Les trois soeurs »

Sérigraphie rehaussée à la main à l’aquarelle et au pastel représentant trois bustes de femmes

Tirage limité à 32 exemplaires

Signé en bas à droite

Numéroté 11/32

Dimensions :
H : 100 cm ; L : 70 cm (sans cadre)

H : 125 cm ; L : 95 cm (avec cadre)

« The 3 Sisters » Screen Printing No. 11 of 32, Enhanced by Hand by Enki Bilal

Very large screen printing enhanced by hand by Enki Bilal. Enhancing an original creation consists of highlighting (with techniques including watercolor and pastel) a previously reproduced picture. Halfway between the print with very few issues and the original work highlighting allows the artist to explore new means of creation and the collector to acquire an exceptional work. Each copy is unique. Copy 11 on 32. Signed in the lower right. Collin Gallery in Rennes (France) and private collection. Enki Bilal is the most valued living comics designer and his works exceed € 100,000 in auction sales. The original painting « The 3 Sisters » from which this work was inspired was sold € 55,000 in 2012 and since the value of Enki Bilal’s works has well increased. A very beautiful frame is enhancing this unique work

Pour plus d’informations sur le créateur, cliquer sur le nom : Enki BILAL