Henri PFEIFFER (1907-1994)

Huile sur toile

Monogrammée HP et datée 32

Bauhaus, 1932

Décor abstrait dans les tons vert et jaune

H : 51 cm ; L : 44 cm ; P : 1 cm

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Rare abstract Bauhaus painting by Henri Pfeiffer 1932.

Abstract oil on canvas by Henri Pfeiffer (1907-1994).

Monogrammed HP et dated 32.

Henri Pfeiffer joined the Bauhaus at the age of 17 where he became a student of Paul Klee. He created many abstract works with a renewed vision of the use and perception of colors. Very young, he studied intensively the chemistry of pigments with his uncle. In 1933 when the Bauhaus was forbidden he was arrested by the Gestapo but he succeed to be released with the help of his parents. He then abandonned painting but still got passionate with colors becoming a famous ophtalmologist specialized in the perception of colors. He wrote a book about the subject in the 1950’s. This early genius artist, who produced an avant-garde painting work with a fascinating research on colors, is a real discovery. His history and his journey from art to science with the continuous obsession of color perception understanding is fascinating and very consistent with the ethical and philosophical Bahaus principles which never separated art from science and industy.

Dimensions : 
H : 20.08 in. ; W : 17.32 in. ; D : 0.39 in.
H : 51 cm ; W : 44 cm ; D : 1 cm

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