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Paire d’appliques modèle Crylicord (petit modèle)

Tubes en acrylique et attaches en métal chromé

Edition Knoll

Années 1970

Dimensions : 90 x 17 cm

Pour plus d’informations sur l’éditeur, cliquer sur le nom : KNOLL

Rare and Exceptional 1970s Knoll Pair of Sconces by Peter Hamburger

A pair of sconces created by Hamburger (1941) for Knoll. An acrylic resin rod is masking the wire and making it almost invisible. Chrome reflector masking the bulb. The lights are fixed to the wall with two attachment tabs. Entirely original (reflectors, chrome, rods, switches). Rare and timeless 1970s model. Wiring to the European standard.

 Note: A second identical pair but 30 cm longer is available.

Dimensions : 
H : 35.43 in. ; W : 6.69 in. ; D : 5.51 in.
H : 90 cm ; W : 17 cm ; D : 14 cm

For more information : KNOLL